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Justa Little Darlin'
The new millenium began with a big win for us at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Tracy put the championship title on Bruiser. He was our first home bred champion. What a thrill that was for us since Tracy had spent several years riding horses in the same arena at the Jr. Grand National Horse Show. Bruiser's championship title was the culmination of much work and dedication, and we were so proud of the fact that we had received all of his points in California. Throughout the 2000 show season, our focus was on the BCA National Show in Portland, Oregon, in November. We took all four dogs this year. In 1996 at the National in Ontario, California, we had shown Buffy in the American Bred bitch class, Bruiser in the 12-18 month dog class, and Phoebe in the 12-18 month bitch class. That year Bruiser took a fourth on the day of the PCBC show, and Buffy had won her class on the day of the Division III show. We were thrilled!!! Our first year out showing, and our first National, and we came home with trophies!! In Portland, we showed all four dogs the day of the National show. Smokey was in the Bred By dog class, Phoebe was in the American Bred bitch class, Buffy was in the Veteran bitch class, and Bruiser was in the breed. On the day of the National, Buffy placed third in a class of 8 bitches. Again, we were so proud of the way she looked and showed. The breed class was quite an experience for Tracy as there were 66 dogs/bitches in the class. It was a wonderful experience showing with many of the dogs you see in the Bulldogger. The next day, Buffy placed third again in a class of 6 dogs. But Saturday, the day of the Division V show under breeder/judge Ms. Bruce Lorenzen, she won the class and got to go to the breed!! We asked our dear friend and fellow Mother Lode Bulldog Club member, Jean Simmons, to show her for us as Tracy would also be in the breed ring with Bruiser. What a special moment for us when Jean presented Buffy to breeder/judge Jack Potter and the crowd applauded for her. It was so special for us since we were never able to finish Buffy because of having to spay her in the middle of her show career. She still looked great out there, and loved every minute of being in the spot light again. We continued to enter Buffy at Specialty shows with a Veteran Bitch class for as long as she was able to compete. To us, she was truly a very special bulldog, and one we will never forget!!
"The Ten" - Buffy's only litter

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