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Bulldog angel
This page is dedicated to those families who have taken Primetime bred puppies into their home to love and protect.

We wish you and your dogs the very best !!
Ann with Sadie Sandy with Benjamin
Anne with Sadie
Primetime's Piece of Perfection 
Sandy with Benjamin
Primetime's Benjam'n with Louie Louie
Illene with Dylan Benjamin Happy New Year
Illene with Dylan
Primetime's Greased Lightning 
Happy New Year! 2000
Rob and Kim with Mike  Robbie and Mack 
Rob and Kim with
Primetime's Trouble With Mike 
Robbie with Mack
Primetime's Mister Mack 
Amy and Ivy  Mike and Elliot 
Amy and Ivy
Primetime's Somethin' To Talk About 
Mike with Elliot
Primetime's Shake Rattl'n Drool 

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