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Sierra, Tuffy, Sugar Ray and Santa 2009
Sierra, Tuffy, Sugar Ray and Santa 2009

We got this little boy at a Specialty Bulldog Show,
How much he’d enhance our lives, we didn’t really know.

He was only four months old and a great looking little boy,
And Tracy was determined to show non-sporting and a toy.

She talked to Glenn and Kathy Rea to learn all that she could,
Then worked to convince her mom that taking him would be good.

 We had a house of bulldogs and a Chihuahua is just too small,
But Tracy said he’d fit right in, there was room to love them all.

She absolutely loved him and wanted him so bad,
The next hurdle we were going to face was what we’d say to Dad.

We packed up all the bullies and the Chi came home to stay,
We had a long ride home that night and Tracy held him all the way.

We had to get him named just right with something not too stuffy,
After many different names we finally decided to call him Tuffy.

That really seemed to suit him when we took him in the ring,
As he went Best of Breed his first time out, he was off to a great beginning.

He racked up several wins and points and is a pleasure to watch show,
He only needed majors so off again we’d go.

October was his lucky month he got his first major from Edd Biven,
The next weekend we headed out again where his second would be given.

We were thrilled to get the first and thought the second might be harder,
But we showed him six days later and got Winner’s Dog from Mr. Carter.

So now our Tuffy is a champion and Tracy has finished her first Toy,
We love this little Chihuahua; he’s a very special boy!

With all my love, Mom

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